Monday, December 30, 2013

Similarity between - Product Management and the Jetsons cartoon

So at one end there was the Flintstones. And the other the Jetsons. One based way back into the dinosaur era and other way ahead into the future.

If you ever saw both the cartoons as a child, you'd see or even feel that its our current era that holds on to too much clutter.

This I can animatedly conclude from the fact, that if we take the following in perspective and consider it our actual past and future - The Flintstones era didn't have quite as many inventions as we do and the Jetsons era was always depicted as or anticipated as clean, compressed and as being minimalists.

When we look at the symbiotic relationship of global news industry and the internet. We quite see the same in transition.

We started with news dissemination via papers. Now we have papers, TV, radio and a growing majority that uses internet for the purpose of finding and reading news. Too much clutter. or we can say, the current ear is in transition. It is the only era where everything can coexist. We haven't really short listed the one medium we will become dependent in the future on.

The Jetsons did use TV and Radio as prime means of communication. Or we can attribute that to the fact that maybe the emergence of the internet was not nearly well portrayed or was secluded to keep the cartoon series focused and simple?

What ever the case, if we draw 2 curves one for innovation and another for adoption and improvement, they probably meet at the point between the flint stones and Jetsons where our current rate or innovation in technology is being driven my minimalism.

Hence the arrival of the product managers to businesses. And the growing relevance to cutting the clutter.

The jetsons might have chosen Tivo or Radio. But when we make our clean minimalist future, rite now as we evolve from the flintstones era and evolve steadily - we might short list on mediums of technology and mediums of dissemination as key areas for reduction.

Want for the words "less is more" evolving from fashion to technology making a steady rise.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Product Idea 2: What next for Allen Solly? (Fashion Apparele-Commercebrands)

 Well boys, admit it. 
You all need help with shopping. 
Especially picking out things by occasion.
Sure you can't always have fashion stylists available (or can't afford one) but what you can is use your phone!

If Allen Solly were to take their current campaign one step further they could probably head in this direction! 

Once you you've picked your preferred custom colours from the vast colour pallet they should then Suggest clothes by occasion, time of day, weather etc they you intent to buy those clothes for. 

Well, come to think of it, any ecomm in their right mind should make this tool. After all men need it! Who says us woman are most likely to pick out clothes online and be impulsive purchasers? Intent can be initiated in anyone really. 

Plus if such a thing existed imagine it's social reach and the return traffic for repurchase it could drive?

This with the exact plan for very creative and very low marketing spends which also I've deviced should kick it off  for any existing online player really. 

Ps: This is a hypothetical case study. This idea is my own. It has nothing to do with Allen Solly. If anyone was to use this idea they are most welcome to try. I'm open to accepting a creative consultation charge of INR 30k plus taxes so pass it. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Before i forget

Yes, its strage that 'other' ideas come to us when we really have been put to the task of brain stormning for something else!

While i'm drawing blanks for the work i'm suppose to be doing right now, i cant help but pen this down! (atleastitsonewayofunclutteringmyhead?!)

Need to put down the app ideas in my head for - 

- 4square and AR based app for Drinking community. 
- Music - need based middle ground / connector product for existing market segment. 


Busines Idea 1: Traveller cafe and not just namesake!

This concept is Delhi, IN centirc. 

1. For whom: Travel company / independent hospitality industry person looking for a new venture / cafe concept. 
1.1 Will need three key people - a travel partner, a cafe partern, a marketing / digital partner. 

2. Catering to whom: anyone keen on traveling to India / various parts of india 
2.1 Primary audience - foreigners 
2.2 Secondary audience - local travel / photography / food junkies. 

3. Name: Traveller's Cafe 
3.1 Ironically this name is vacant, at least in Delhi NCR scenario!? Checked Zomato / googled 

4. Business model: to create an secondary opportunity/market to organize and cater to forgein clients and travelers for a travel company but thought a more legitimate approach while simultaneously also earning revenue from a cafe business. 

5. Cafe positioning: Location! location! location!: Pahardganj
5.1 To catch the market where they feel most comfortable.  
5.2 Also giving them a feeling of being self initiated rather than being duped by being dragged directly from airports and railway stations by traver agency 'cutters'.

6. Why: most travelers coming to Delhi read the lonely planet guide which specifically tells them about the places to stay (Pahardganj) and what to expect for cheap travel (cost) and how to bargain etc. 
6.1 Hence opportunity of creating a non hostile environment for capturing travel leads as the positioning is of a cafe. 
6.2 Agent can take them there rather than bring them to the travel shop from airports / railway stations to 'freshen-up'.
6.3 Also travelers who go stay there are otherwise smart / difficult to cater to or capture. 
6.4 As large traveling groups the over all cost of the trip also goes down which can again be shown as a 'USP' of the cafe.

7. Cafe concept: to cater to:
7.1 basic finger food from all over india i.e.: chats and snacks - conversation starters. 
7.2 Secondary menu to be world cuisine based (pricing according to Paharganj market pricing). 
7.3 Cheap alcohol. 

8. Back up model: even if the cafe fails as a travel company, it is an independent business model which can sustain itself to the catered market in that area.

9. Marketing model: For testimonial based reinforcement - that others have done this and come back alive!
9.1 Interiors to have walls on contributions from group travels of visitors + comments.
9.2 Polaroid photo shots for all paying customers with comments on how their visit to India has been so far. 
9.3 To hold small relics from all the visits with dates of visit / journey. 

10. Social page: Can work on 'powered by' model. 
10.1 Front end to be called: Traveller's Cafe on Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest, Blogger and Zomato. 
10.2 In details / about section of the pages the same can be called 'powered by _ _ _ _ travel company. 
10.3 All articles and photos to be back linked to the travel partner site pages. Help with site traffic flow / building. 

11. Trip models
11.1 To host group travels for locals as well as forging groups. 
11.2 To make customized journey's - crowd sources destinations. 
11.3 Invite photo walk groups, adventure sports enthusiasts and related audiance for monthly, quarterly, half yearly trips.

12. Major marketing spend: 
12.1 Online: Zomato / bookmyshow / FB ads / google ad words / seo / mailer's /social media intern / depending on chosen rout/partners. Can use step by step or in phases expansion model. 
12.2 On ground: newspaper brochures and mats with updated upcoming travel plans to be put under class of the table or as mats. (to act as news letter's.)

13. Business model suited for: Travel company, someone enthusiastic about food and beverage industry.

14. Challenges :
14.1 Finding rent-able real estate in Pahardganj on long term lease. 
14.2 Ways of not letting other travel agents and brokers enter the cafe or breaking away client. 
14.3 Licensing - would it need only food and beverage or also travel company permits? 
14.4 Cracking MyBar concept for cheap booze and liquor!?  
14.5 Other unforeseen challenge from investors point of view. 
(i.e.: - will he be comfortable disclosing it as his own business to partners? (If any) 
- Will new partners be chosen for this venture? 
- Tie ups for further business to near by hotels and guest houses will he earn or travel company?) 

I guess i'm just a enthusiastic traveler? This should work! Comments / Suggestions anyone? :) 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

An alternate career path?

We work jobs to earn money, which we wish to spend to survive, to satisfy cravings, needs, wants, basically to be happy. ‎
Yes yes, many of us find that happiness in doing what we do, making careers out of what we like and turning them into monotonous skill sets to use them as on industrial production lines to satisfy someone else's goals and.. cravings, desires.‎
As an artist, I understand and thoroughly hate the idea ‎of replication. A master piece is for life. Of the artist and those it has an impact on. But the 'robin hood' in me says, and constantly, what good is anything that cannot be shared with the masses? That cannot achieve the soul purpose of its existence? Which is to bring meaning to someone's life, or to make someone's life easier? Or better? Or to spread that message or feeling or desire? 
When you come face to face with reality, where there are bills to be paid, a house to be run, we see ourselves frequently kill desire and go the distance to make ends meet. Even if the work one has to do can closely be classified as mine work. Never to ones choice, will, liking or comfort.
But what do you do when you have a choice? Will you or are you ready to struggle a bit? Live with less, if and only if it satisfies your inner craving of desire, existence and happiness? 
Why should spending money be the end objective or means to remaining happy? What if you could do a little less, survive with a little ‎less to do a little more of what you want, where the processes itself gives you happiness?
I'm faced with such a cross junction in life at the moment. ‎I'm humble, proactive, build synergy around me by simply being me and enjoy, take pride rather in what I do. My work involves a lot of research, hard work, patience, thinking, rethinking, in one word 'heart'.
I've had bad days due to posity of time, due to acceptance of work that could have been done better, by being asked for crap just to wrap up things, by people who show half hearted interest in what they want, what they expect and what they accept. 
No no, I'm no great artist to make such comment. No, not yet. But I will be, I can be with time. Time and space that currently my circumstances, age, frame of mind and talent put together allow. 

I want to pick up that camera, think aloud, write a book, study a language, read more, ‎paint. Everyday. 

If practicality is an issue, that I should tell you I'm one of the most practical people you'll ever come across. This is no pre-life crisis. This is a realisation. An inkling, that somewhere, greatness is calling out to me. And I have to let go of monotony, of the ordinary and leap forward into tomorrow to be able to embrace it.

I hereby declare, I reconsider work, life and choices on Monday. I have much too much on my mind to fulfil. Not many may immediately understand, but not many were made for greatness, or made extraordinarily. ‎

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hindi Poem: Attempt One

‎Kis rah pe tum chordh aye mujhe,
Yahan aane wale bhi aanjan,
Yanah se jane wale bhi ab aanjan.
Pukaru mai ab kiska naam?
Apne aap ko yaha bhula chuki hun,
Tumhe bhi yahi beth kho chuki hun.

Samye yahan jahan rook sa gaya hai.
Na jeene ke chaht hai, na marne ki wajha hai.
Na koi manzil hai, na hi koi mukam. 
Tere aagosh mai yu bethi yaha,
Jahan bin badal roz aasu behte hain,
Or bin suraj roz muskaan meri khilti hai.

Tere khayalo ko chordh Mera or kon hai,
Ab toh na mere khyal kisi ke ho sakenge,
Or na intazar or kisi ka ho payega.
‎Zid kar ke jo sula na kar sake hum,
Bin baato ke meri kya tu so paye ga?
‎Na mohhobat ki bakwat,
Na nafrat ki ijazat.

Uss hi raah pe janah tumne mera hath thama tha. 
Jiski na tumhe aaj wajhe pata hai,
Na hi ehsaas yaad hai.
Kis rah pe tum chordh aye mujhe,
Yahan aane wale bhi aanjan,
Yanah se jane wale bhi ab aanjan.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

My journey, so far.

So much to do with life, in life.
Many things still to do, many more places still to go. 
Many more people to meet, many more friends to keep.
As I go along this journey of life, i can finally say I take with me experiences, learning, growing understanding along with acceptance of;
Hard work,
Unconditional love.

Thank you for perfectly timing the people and events in my life.
Thank you for always looking out for me.
Thank you for giving me the qualities you've given me and for making me 'me'.
Thank you god for all your love and support.