Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Live, Love, Drink, but don't forget to rethink.

Lets put the notions and trivialities of our daily lives aside.
You job, my friends, your car, my phone, our hobbies, our families, our friends, our enemies, who we have now become or who we pretend to be. 
What does it leave us with?
A bundle of emotions, memories, opinions, conclusions, resolutions and feelings. 
Now lets take away the facade of ego, pride, revenge, jealousy, ill feeling, pre-convinced notions, political and cultural alignments and competitiveness. 
What does it leave us with now?
Reason, honor, honesty, practicality, our core personalities, all clinging the hand or rather the little finger of the grown up us. 
In short, it leaves us venerable. Child like, confused, sensitive, lost, hesitant, emotional. 
now take a deep breath. 
Try sustaining this frame of mind.
Let the overwhelming feeling of putting up notes and masks of self defense settle, till you begin to breath easy, till your pulse rate normalizes again. 
Now think of me. Picture my face. the touch of my skin, the curls of my brown hair, looking into my brown eyes... enough thats enough. 
Now in all honesty ask your self. 
Do you really hate me? Or want nothing to do with me? Or treat me like a stranger?
When i put a smile on your face, when i awkwardly conveyed my feelings, when i hurt you with dead honesty, when we just spoke about life and the future, did it want to make you change? 
To leave me alone, to see me as a habbit, an addition that needed to be put an end to?
Didn't we put ourselves out there, agreeing to risk the pain and hurt when we began to be friends at all?
On our best days, happy days, did you for even for a moment feel that it was probably going to be the happiest you'd ever be?
I did. And even if you decide to lie now and say you didnt, i know you did. 
But now coming back to reality, i am glad we've both grown. 
I suppose there were more realities and lessons and evolutions our personal character had to take till we made that one last final commitment. 
I feel more confident, driven, i have lesser mood swings, i dont feel the need to be subtle about how i feel or what i need to convey. I am unafraid to shine, i am proud be me myself more than ever. 
I am not guilty, and i have stopped being harsh on myself. I can have anything in the world, or resist anything in the world if i willed myslef to. And for once, i know what love feels like. 
You do too dont you?
You have seen the difference between feeling extreme affection, love and lust for another person haven't you? You do indrestand the difference when you try your best to convert one into another out of pure excitement or conveniance or inconvenience or a story to tell in your tomorrow? 
But in all human nature and false anger and prideful conviction we don't agree or want to agree they are all different, it just stages. 
We want to belive that the both of us, it was just another time. 
That better is yet to come.
We have better right now or it could be. 
Even when we know it can naturally exist or already exists elsewhere.
I have come to realize how broadening of our individual perspectives or rediscovering who we are or what we want to be do doesn't necessarily have to do with traveling far and wide to look for it. 
That sometimes, it merely is a realizations that comes to us after committing the same mistakes over and over again sometimes. 
When we find time to go over our entire lives, sometimes realizations don't come from new experiences, merely acknowledging old ones. 
And in that exact moment sometimes you realize, that the answer might as well lie in the newness of a fragile relationship, but it sometimes already did exist in the past and in the present and we feared taming it. 
Taming the essence, because it would take long sessions of reconciliation, baring our souls to the known, being known, without opportunity of pretense bending and bowing both backwards and forwards. But for what?
Only for that one thing that really matters. 
So how afraid are you really? Of taking a good look at your own life and the life that has been and that could have been and making something of it thats real, permanent and not in passing. 
They say draw the line at the sacred number 30. 
Life, love, womanize, but if you cant find it in you to stop then you never will, and the best things would have long past you. 
Hopefully now, coming back to reality of as you exist, you need to find the time to look back at what matters, what didn't and where the truth lies and go on to pursue it in time. 
Or i hope you do. 
Or for lords sake have peers with enough sense to help knock realizations back into you. In time. 

Monolog: Talking to myself 2

This happens to be one photo I've recently had clicked with friends that secretly says two things to me;

1. If i ever marry and have kids, they'll grow up to see much more images than we saw of our parents thanks to Facebook and Instagram (and blogger) and half of them will inspire them to smoke and drink straight out of school.. Christ.

2. To the future generation this is what the new hippie generation would look like?! The one we call the 60-70's as of now.
I mean look at me?! I'm wearing 'golden' pants! And a over sized long shirt with chappals. Almost no makeup and such hippie straight brown long hair. I'm half proud and half looking at myself in aghast in this photo.

Do I look mature or do I look silly holding that beer and chatting up to a friend who i don't know yet is a friend I've made for the long haul?

Ok I'm very bad at keeping friends. In voluntary, but I'm working on it. The amount of initiative I take or effort I make to meet people now, to have alone time with close friends, to open up to them like normal people is at least x10 times of what I've been used to doing in the past. 

Ritualistically organizing night outs, coordinating with everyone for casual drinks or dinner or movies, organizing surprise birthday parties even, isn't something I've ever really put so much mind or heart into.

I think I'll give half the credit to existing friends for teaching me how or at least encouraging me or supporting ritualistic group-ism.

I like the person I've become. Some things have come back to normal after such a long time even. Like my urge to read, to explore, to photograph, to write, to dance!, to drink, to be passionately interested in people and to go out of my way just to facilitate needs and wants I consider friends.

I'm also somewhere happy that men think twice before approaching me!, (Laughs) and that they need to somewhere, at some point, prove worthiness, call them selves 'real men', gentlemen and what not.

But most of all, I'm happy that I've given myself sufficient time as always to put my heart to rest. Left no stone unturned and then settled for what ever it is that life plans to throw at me next.

If I were to run into any of my ex's, which is common for me, I'm appreciated for being neutral, nonjudgmental, loving yet distant and mysterious as I am again. Christ I think i should be sad but I'm actually glad I'm still the stabilizing factor to so many people and so many lives. That I can call a spade a spade (again) and not over shower someone with kind words, rather show people the mirror because that's what good friends do. Not sugar coat opinions or fake them to suit you.

Am actually more than happy to have found such a group now that really valise such things and keeps things straight. For ones I know if I have a flat tier I can call them even in the middle of the night from the other corner of the city to help me. That's... Comforting.

I've grown so many folds over this past year, I'm starting to appreciate myself again. Starting to see that beautiful person in the mirror again. I feel genuinely happy and peaceful most days, and for once I've reflected on all my silly habits and come out to make the best of them.

Fir once I'm putting my pride and more so my dignity before others. And I think I have some people from my past to profoundly to thank for it. I recently walked out on a really bad guy even before things could get hot and heavy and didn't want to explain or justify myself.

I'm going more and more with inklings and they're proving me right. I refuse to wait around and sulk or mourn or to believe something isn't right and I certainly don't give strangers or random friends the margin of human error anymore. Its working out beautifully.

Yes, I get called uptight or too busy at times but who minds those titles or tags when it means being contend with once self or with preferring to spend time alone than with dull company. I mean, I am enjoying writing this after all.

I've come back to my rules:

1. A girl never asked a guy out. (Not that I ever do, but I did bend than rule this one time and well.. Its not a happy memory)

2. Materialism and beauty can only take you this far and if someone lacks the eyes to see your inner beauty, they need to rethink what age group then want to flirt with again.

3. I'm happier building things by hand! And I appreciate gifts and art and all things that take effort to create. That are unique, they mesmerize me. From thought inception to physical execution.

4. Its ok opening up personally to a selected few, but its also ok to chat up total random strangers. How else does one make new friends with such closed mindsets?

5. There exist men and woman who treat each other equally. Not just to impress someone but actually believe in equality in every sense. Being bitchy is a personal choice but passing opinions about someone's character or demeaning someone even just in casual conversations doesn't have to be put up with. I'm all in for that.

6. Honesty is the best policy. And its never too late to stop lying, especially beginning at yourself.

7. You can't keep everyone happy, and you can't stay happy if you can't define the right set of people who's happiness keeps you happy. This one I've learned the hard way, self taught after stumbling and the one I appreciate the most.

8. Which brings me to number eight -  Priorities matters. Personal opinions matter. Else you're just trying to be a pale reflection of someone else.

9. Give your heart a well deserved break and don't just settle for anything. Its tough but its rewarding. Especially never elude yourself by making over- efforts at your end and believing others are reciprocating. People don't all react like us. We need to learn to see their actions in unbiased light.

10. Forgive, stay happy, stay humble, live easy.

Hmm. I'm happy with my new list. Thought I'm sure I've missed a lot. But stating such things makes all the difference. Maybe someday ideas will also get passed down along with mysterious dozens of photos and someone will truly know who you are than just what you looked like. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Zombie, Vampire and other things that scare me

Wondering if I've every been vocal or verbalized being zombie apocalypse paranoid..

Well not that I can remember. But yup...in my mind, I zombie proof every place I go, look for escape routs, check door strengths and blocking methods for SOS purposes.

Hey. Its a legit fear ok?.. The rising up from the sink after splashing your face to find one standing behind you!

After all, zombies unlike other mythical creatures are a byproduct of medical testing and 'things going wrong' in deep dark parts of big chemical plans or medicine research or army weapon development centers in some part of the world. Maybe our part of the world where human number in population strength is anyhow too high and a missing few can easily go unnoticed.

Well its not I don't have my own theories for vampires about being deficient in nutrients and further more the genes that breakdown and absorb sunlight and hence have to remain nocturnal and come out only in the dead of the night (or moonlight).

Yes, I think the most realistic things after zombies are vampires. But I'll come go that later.

What I do believe before zombies is in cannibalism. And it sure as hell freaks the shit out of me. Someone out there is currently reading this while chewing on a finger of a person half frozen in their fridges right now. Think about that. ... Or don't.

But what is one thing that ties zombies, vampires and cannibils together? They are dependent on human flesh and blood (involuntarily or by choice)

While a zombies body is disintegrating continuously and its own organs have become useless, probably due to organ failure or shock they undergo at time of inception or infection or contamination, a vampire I feel might not be able to similarity reproduce blood by itself and hence needs a dilation or blood transfusion and their body's over time have adapted to environmental conditions in such a way that it can perform blood transfusion through their front teeth itself. A fresh flow of blood..every week may also explains very good skin. Hmmm.. (No wonder beauty treatments around the work are moving towards it)

Fir cannabils it might be a lifestyle choice but it links back to zombies that maybe just maybe human flesh really is so tasty at the end of the day that ones you start consuming it, you cannot stop.

And since a zombies brain is dead due to lack of circulation of blood that also is a factor for disintegration of their own bodies, it's probably their natural evolution to graduate to human flesh over other animal flesh.

Yup, these are the kinds of thoughts that go through my head when ever I think of either, or, and of the three.

Though while vampires and cannabis can be reasoned with at some levels, I feel I most fear zombies because of their lack of though and direction and utter lack of pattern and un-predicatbality really.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Monolog: Talking to myself 1

I can put all my emotions aside, disconnect from what exists in the current circumstances and gauge any given situation or advise on any given dilemma as a unbiased onlooker.

Its a psychological imbalance.
A recently discovered trait that I seem to have been using without knowing. But we can't really explore our gifts or make appropriate use of them till we fully understand them and their potential.

I call it a gift as much as I call it an imbalance as I understand an ability or disability is often how you perceive it first and how others receive it second.

When something's truly great it takes my breath away. And usually I've come to realize I exaggerate sentiments verbally when they fail to, just to keep others hearts.

Which has brought me closer to understanding my personal emotional makeup...and dilemmas. 
I try to balance out everything.
Keep everyone happy.
Avoid fights at all costs.
Put others before myself and often even forget my own needs.
I constantly begin to make small sacrifices that go so seamlessly unnoticed, until someone reflects on the closer period of association with me and gauges their own growth curve, environmental ease, positive energies, light mindedness, child like jovial ness and lack or discouraged negative thinking even!

I've been called too practical but really, I think I get to people. The positives and hopefulness in the world and worldly things.
I am a personality type that is genuinely interested in people.
But I can be moody and in my moodiness, innocently use what I've observed or learned about others against them. Mostly to avoid them. Sometimes because I chose to retrieve to my own shell and other times out of pure contempt. Though rarely.

I can't overlook the tiniest bit good in people. And I go out of my way in proving to them and others how significant they are. Yes. I can make people feel significant. And having these realizations doesn't take away the beauty of these qualities from me as I explained before. I can detach and analysis.

I catch myself smiling, crying, being genuinely concerned about people and causes and they have the capability of giving me sleepless nights.

Time is a concept which is very very distorted in my mind. I believe in absolution. What begins to exist cannot suddenly vanish. What has vanished cannot be lost forever. What is hidden can be found. What is buried can be dug out. They are only a circumstance of willingness or intend.

I believe not that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, but that deep though is given to emotional decisions that reflect in personal choices and consequential or opposing actions. I don't relate to practicality. I believe in love, peace, harmony and change. And to such great extent that it has often left me looking like an idiot.

But how significant are looks in comparison to how we really feel? I'm a lover of beauty in its rawest form. I dislike things, situations and people being over polished.

I have an open mind but a very closed value set or rather guidelines I live by.
I've at least three extremely occasions where I have seen myself sacrifice myself or something i love or someone dearer than life to me, because of rigid ideals. Depicted an entirely different picture on the outside or to or for the object I wish to keep away or safe. Its not easy, such sacrifice can be seen as extreme cruelty or madness and is almost always misunderstood. But I chose to live with consequences as my internal value system and priorities are then at rest.

I never explain myself. And who ever says expression is a for of explaining yourself has got it all wrong. Like the way I speak in clear metaphors right now, I'm able to share viewpoint or give thoughts expression but it in no way conveys underline feeling, emotion or purpose.

Which brings me to also identifying my manner and formal attitude. I come across as silent, reserved, quiet, secretive on the outside and I do keep a distance from even those who I am or feel I am closest to.

My psychological makeup is complex. Very complex. But at the same time its so closely bound to my behavior and conduct, that its almost non existent to an onlookers.

I have a lot of pride. But there are things I just cannot justify to myself or to others. Where I lack the role of pride altogether. But it prevents me from clarifying or justifying myself. I have plead in the past, but never done anything to justify or unjustified myself. And sometimes I regret having not done that. But my gauge is imbalanced in this regard and I don't understand very well how much justification and when it is required. Or when it should be avoided. Its fairly a new concept to me and it intrigues me. Still.

I have no problems spending time on my own, alone. As much time, wherever. I enjoy talking to myself. And when alone, I even catch myself having audible dialogues with myself. This. Too. Can. Count. As. Me. Talking to myself after all.

I keep others happiness, moral correctness and honor above everything and have even punished myself or denied myself things or people or relationships that would have been easier to have with a bit of manipulation.

But I can't begin to lie where my interest lie. I will keep hurting people with the truth and true emotions hoping its strengthening some hypothetical but very very utterly important base to a personal relationship. Believe other people get why I chose to do so. But mostly see my attempts fail.

Impatience is the new empowerment word. "If my demands aren't met, and NOW, I refuse to tolerate anything ahead".  It seems to blind people. Its a poisoneness attitude. The second most poisoneness attitude after self centrism. We are humans and we need society. We can't ignore the cause and need of greater good than that of only us as individuals. And so I'm fair. In games, philosophically, practically and any other way.

I super empathize with others and gauge my own position from others point of view than just think putting myself first. I've even put myself last.

And this attitude has often clearly confused me, I wish I was normal and didn't believe I was extraordinary in some way, that I was made for something big and not for trivial small talk or just talk and no action.

Some inspiration: Part 1

Be Kind

Written by: Charles Bukowski

we are always asked
to understand the other person's
no matter how
foolish or
one is asked
to view
their total error
their life-waste
especially if they are
but age is the total of
our doing.
they have aged
because they have
out of focus,
they have refused
to see. not their
fault? whose fault?
I am asked to hide
my viewpoint
from them
for fear of their
age is no crime
but the shame
of a deliberately
wasted life
among so many deliberately

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life: Two roads down the highway.

As we grow older one of two things happen .

Our emotions grow complex and we begin to manifest our philosophies practically.
Becoming more and more conscious of ourselves, our surroundings and the repercussions of our choices both good and bad.
Our judgment is more concise and then our decisions aren't governed by impulse rather but mature decisions we try to disguise and pass of as coincidences or impulses.
We very well are aware of our personal character and traits.
Of our strengths and assets and how to best use them to manipulate others or to our best advantage.
Which further becomes a function of the personal value set we chose to follow and morals and principals we allow to govern various if not all aspects of our lives.


We are beaten up by society,  broken to trivial instances that become our governing traits.
Openly sacrificed by society and set norms and standards, especially without consent.
We remain shallow, ignorant and never reach the state of self actualization in terms of personal growth and awarenesses.
We lack though in regards to what makes us happy or what angers us.
This makes us further arrogant and what part of our brain and heart might primarily be governed by pride under other circumstances, come to be dominated by your ego.
Our love is fueled by anger and consideration ruled by unbalanced biases.
Our self doubt and lack of faith in personal decisions turns our personal weaknesses into non existent strengths and our strengths into wrongly projected, over dramatized, muddy moral code of conduct.

But the end result of both chosen or entrusted diversions in life is that people are who people are.
They remain of what remains of them.
We are happy as we are.
We accept ourselves.
Aware or unaware.
Alone or never.
Proud or ashamed.
We exist.

How strange is this life.
Where even this imbalanced ratio still manages to co-exist in unknown harmony.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A few psychology tests and their outcome

Test number 1: The color test

Link: http://colorquiz.com


Your Existing Situation

"Is not making any progress, but unwilling to put any further effort into the situation. Seeking more comfortable conditions where very little is required of her. "

Your Stress Sources

"Wishes for freedom and independence, free from limitations and restrictions except for the ones she choices to give himself."

Your Restrained Characteristics

"Feels she is getting less than she deserves for all her hard work; however, she makes no effort to change things and tries to make the best of the situation."

Emotionally demanding and will involve herself in close relationships but won't get too involved or give too much of himself.

His confidence is low but she is unable to admit that is the reason for her avoidance of conflict. Feels it is a situation out of her control and she is making the best of it.

Feels trapped in a helpless situation and is desperately seeking relief. she is able to find pleasure and happiness in sexual activity.

His arrogance causes her to take offense quickly. Only those closest to her know deep down she is sensitive and sentimental.

Your Desired Objective

"Feels stressed due to her current situation or relationships, and needs to make changes. Looking for a solution that will increase her chances of fulfilling her current hopes and dreams."

Your Actual Problem

"Feeling held back and restricted from moving forward, looking for a solution that will give her more freedom and less obstacles."

Test number 2:

Test link: http://www.16personalities.com/mobile/free-personality-test.htmlResult:

INFP Personality

"All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost." -- J. R. R. Tolkien

Forming around 4.5% of the population, INFP personalities are usually perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy. However, such an exterior can be deceptive; even though INFPs can be somewhat cautious, their inner flame and passion is not something to be taken lightly. People with this personality type are really affectionate, a trait not often seen in other types.

This compassion can be really fervent and long-lasting, but the INFP will use it quite cautiously, directing their energies toward a few selected people or a worthy cause. Idealism is the banner of INFP personalities—and they are proud of it. Unfortunately, it also means that INFPs can often feel misunderstood and isolated as they are relatively rare.

People with the INFP personality type have a clear sense of honor, which inspires and motivates them. If someone wants to get to know an INFP, it is crucial to know what drives them, to understand their chosen cause.

INFPs seek harmony in their lives and the surrounding environment, often feeling dejected because of all the bad things happening in the world and trying hard to create something positive. People with this personality type tend to see things and actions from the idealistic perspective rather than the prism of logic. They respond to beauty, morality, and virtue rather than utility, effectiveness, or value.

INFPs can easily speak in metaphors and parables, and they also have an amazing gift of creating and interpreting symbols; for this reason, INFPs often find it natural to write and enjoy poetry. This personality type does not worship logic, unlike the Analyst (NT) types. From the INFP’s viewpoint, logic is not always necessary. It is also likely that an INFP will enjoy hypothetical or philosophical discussions more than any other type.

INFPs may also often retreat into their “hermit” state (this personality type can easily switch between the “active” and “hermit” states), withdrawing from the world and getting lost in their deep thoughts. Their partner may then need to spend quite a lot of effort to energize and “awaken” the INFP.

INFPs share a trait common among the Diplomat (NF) types: their aptitude for foreign languages is unmatched. INFPs also often become great writers and actors as they can easily reflect and convey their own personalities using the fictional characters. Generally speaking, people with this personality type are extremely creative, innovative, and goal-oriented. They can be great advocates for causes they truly believe in.

Finally, most INFPs have the ability to notice even the slightest hint of good in other people. In an INFP’s eyes, even the most revolting person will have something worthy of respect or, at the very least, sympathy.

INFP Strengths and Weaknesses

INFP Strengths

    Passionate and energetic. INFPs tend to be very energetic when it comes to causes they believe in and are willing to fight for. They may be quiet and even shy in public, but their passion should not be underestimated.
  • Very creative. INFP personalities find it easy to interpret signs and hidden meanings; furthermore, their well-developed intuition has no difficulties connecting the dots and coming up with interesting, unusual ideas.
  • Open-minded and flexible. INFPs dislike being constrained by rules and do not seek to impose them on others. They tend to be fairly liberal, open-minded individuals, as long as their principles and ideas are not being challenged.
  • Idealistic. INFPs are perhaps the most idealistic of all personality types, believing that people are inherently good and everyone should do their best to fight evil and injustice in the world.
  • Seek and value harmony. INFPs do not want to dominate and work hard to ensure that everyone’s opinion is valued and heard.
  • Can be very dedicated and hard-working. As mentioned above, INFP personalities are both very passionate and idealistic. Not surprisingly, they can also be unbelievably dedicated to their chosen cause or an organization. It is unlikely that an INFP will give up simply because everyone else has abandoned the cause or it is getting difficult to keep going.

INFP Weaknesses

    Too altruistic. INFPs may be so focused on doing good things and helping other people that they may neglect their own needs. Alternatively, they may fight for their chosen cause, ignoring everything else in life.
  • Dislike dealing with data. INFP personalities are very much in tune with emotions and morality, but they are likely to have difficulties when it comes to dealing with facts and data, e.g., analyzing connections or finding discrepancies.
  • Difficult to get to know. People with the INFP personality type tend to be private, reserved individuals. They are also likely to be quite self-conscious.
  • Take many things personally. INFPs cherish their ideals and find it very difficult to accept criticism, taking such comments very personally. They also tend to avoid conflict situations, always looking for a solution that satisfies everybody.
  • May be too idealistic. INFP personalities are prone to being too dreamy and idealistic, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. They may idealize—or even idolize—their partner, forgetting that no one is perfect.
  • Impractical. INFPs do not really see practical things as important. They may even forget to eat and drink if they are doing something that excites and motivates them.

INFP Relationships and Dating

INFP personalities are extremely loyal and faithful. They are romantic idealists who can spend an extraordinary amount of time daydreaming about the perfect relationship, where harmony and warmth are abundant. Looking for a dating partner or nurturing an existing relationship is always one of the key goals for an INFP, and this pure passion is one of their most attractive traits.

INFPOne of the main issues faced by INFPs is that they gravitate toward putting their partners on an imaginary pedestal, both when they are still dating and even later in the relationship. In other words, INFPs tend to idealize and romanticize their (sometimes long-awaited) partners, assigning them unrealistic traits. This happens because INFPs are often so focused on the ideals of romance and love that when love finally knocks on their door, it becomes difficult to separate imagination from reality.

That being said, this is not necessarily a bad thing, provided that the INFP is mature enough to recognize and address these tendencies. As their imagination is so rich and vivid, INFPs can always come up with new ways to surprise their partner and improve the relationship. This is especially useful when the INFP is dating. However, they should make sure that this does not become an obstacle or a burden. Not many types can cope with the unrelenting stream of the INFP’s ideas, especially if the relationship is still in its early stages. The INFP will do their best to help their partner grow and develop, although this may not always be appreciated.

An INFP’s love is deep and sincere, manifesting in unrelenting support and affection. People with this personality type will also do everything they can to avoid conflict, which can also contribute to the stability of the relationship. As long as their partner is willing to reciprocate and make conscious efforts to resolve disagreements calmly and peacefully, the INFP’s love will endure all tests of time. It is doubtful that someone with the INFP personality type will be jealous or overbearing—quite the opposite. An INFP is likely to trust their partner and respect their independence.

Despite their best efforts, the INFP’s opposition to any kind of criticism or conflict can cause problems in their relationships. This is especially relevant if their partner belongs to a Thinking (T) or Judging (J) type as their traits inevitably push them toward rational, impersonal comments or conclusions. The INFP may find it very difficult to examine those ideas objectively without internalizing them and thinking that something must be their fault.

INFPs are prone to reacting to stressful situations very emotionally, as if their entire value system is being threatened. They may also resort to guilt-tripping or irrational accusations. It is really important that people with this personality type develop their ability to take criticism calmly and objectively. INFPs’ imagination can easily come up with many different negative ideas and assumptions – this should be prevented at all costs.

When it comes to intimacy, INFPs are more likely to focus on satisfying the needs of their dating or long-term partner as opposed to putting their own pleasure first. People with this personality type will not rush to sexual intimacy. They will study their dating partner, get to know them really well, and only then consider moving on to the next stage of the relationship. That being said, INFPs are likely to get a lot of pleasure from intimacy as sexual acts will give them an excellent opportunity to express their love.

Recommended partners: ENFJ and ENTJ types, as their Extraversion (E) and Judging (J) traits counterbalance INFPs’ Introversion (I) and Prospecting (P) traits.

INFP Friends

INFP personalities are quite difficult to get to know. Even their closest friends may often find it tricky to convince the INFP to open up and reveal their feelings; casual acquaintances will not get anywhere close to their inner self. People with this personality type do not care much about how many friends they have; the quality of those friendships is far more important.

INFPINFP friends are exceptionally loyal and supportive. They are also good at recognizing other people’s emotional states and feelings, and this trait allows INFPs to be very sensitive and insightful. That being said, people with this personality type are likely to be quite private when it comes to their own feelings. Again, INFPs do not feel comfortable revealing their sensitive inner core to people they do not know well.

INFP friends are likely to be intense, passionate and idealistic individuals, but the quiet and relaxed exterior of an INFP can be deceiving. On the other hand, most INFPs need a lot of “alone time” as well, and this enigmatic trait can sometimes confuse even their closest friends.

INFPs are usually very good at reading other people’s motives and have no difficulties filtering out the suspicious individuals. However, if the INFP friend decides to open up and start trusting the other person, they will be able to form a very strong and stable relationship. It should also be noted that INFPs feel great respect for people with similar principles and values; these notions are extremely dear to people with this personality type.

INFP personalities will probably feel most comfortable among friends belonging to other Feeling (F) and Prospecting (P) types. The rationality and perceived “coldness” of Thinking (T) types may be threatening to them, while Judging (J) types may appear too decisive and rigid. This does not mean that an INFP will be unable to communicate with these personalities on a professional level, but it is quite unlikely that they will become close friends.

INFP Careers

There are few personality types whose typical careers are more consistent than those of INFPs. On the other hand, INFP personality traits tend to be very diverse and strongly expressed, and this affects INFP careers as well. We will give some tips and ideas in this article, but please feel free to leave a comment below. We will do our best to incorporate your ideas and suggestions.

To begin with, most INFPs have strong principles and internal values. People with this personality type do not tire in defending ideas they hold dear, and they are very devoted to both individuals and causes. This trait is the core focus of some of the best INFP careers. For instance, INFPs tend to be brilliant writers, and they can be extremely persuasive when writing about a cause that they consider important. It goes without saying that some of the greatest writers were or are INFPs; this personality type is unmatched when it comes to writing skills. If you are an INFP and such a career interests you, by all means, give it a try, especially since the Internet gives you an excellent platform. You will likely be pleasantly surprised.

Next, the INFP personality type is one of the very few types whose ideal career list includes service-oriented roles. INFPs are sincerely interested in other people and, for better or for worse, tend to put others’ wishes above their own. Combined with creativeness, this personality trait makes INFPs skilful counsellors, social workers, or psychologists. Some other typical careers make excellent use of such personality characteristics as well; many INFPs can be found in academia or other related professions.

INFPs are very growth-oriented, but they are also highly sensitive and very vulnerable to criticism. This is further complicated by their tendency to work alone. INFPs do not usually feel too comfortable in careers that are typically associated with stressful or teamwork-oriented environments. Some of the best INFP careers turn this trait into a great advantage. For instance, INFPs can be truly inspiring religious workers, musicians, or personal coaches. These careers tend to be very individualistic and require a lot of personal effort, which would make most INFPs quite happy.

Overall, the INFP personality type is very rare, complex, and enigmatic, and INFPs seek careers that are more than just jobs. People with this personality type need to know that what they do strongly resonates with their internal values and core principles. As already mentioned, there are quite a few careers highly suitable for INFPs—they simply need to find a worthy cause.

INFPs in the Workplace

Most personality types tend to be easily recognizable in the workplace, especially if their role involves many diverse tasks. INFPs, on the other hand, can often conceal their traits very well, hiding their true feelings and principles behind an inconspicuous exterior. This article should help you understand how people with the INFP personality type behave in the professional environment.

INFP Colleagues

  • Seek harmony and cooperation in the workplace
  • Very pleasant and friendly, but also comparatively shy and reserved. INFPs may have some difficulties fitting in if their colleagues’ personalities are significantly different.
  • Dislike hypothetical brainstorming sessions or technical discussions
  • Likely to maintain a psychological distance from their colleagues
  • Dislike communicating via phone and loathe interrupting calls
  • Will do everything they can to avoid conflict at work. INFPs feel extremely uncomfortable in situations where they need to choose which side to support.

INFP Managers

  • Flexible and open-minded
  • Likely to become very emotional in stressful situations, though INFPs will also be able to hide this from other people
  • Respect every subordinate, doing their best to support and motivate the team
  • May find it very difficult to discipline or criticize somebody in the workplace
  • Like delegating responsibilities to trusted subordinates
  • Very goal-oriented
  • Highly intuitive listeners. INFPs can easily sense the change of mood in the team.
  • Prefer flat hierarchies and do not see themselves as stereotypical managers

INFP subordinates

  • Can function very well both alone and in the team environment
  • Respond to moral and emotional arguments rather than cold rationalizations
  • Cannot stand routine work or bureaucracy
  • May make factual or logical mistakes, but are great at dealing with people
  • Strongly opposed to “Nothing personal, just business” type of thinking at work
  • Extremely dedicated and committed, especially if their efforts are recognized by the management
  • Very vulnerable to criticism and take critical comments personally.
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