Thursday, January 2, 2014

Volume 1chapter 2. Vows.

Things i want to give space in my life, in the future. 

1. To keep an open channel of communication. Come what may. Never sulk. No playing tit for tat games. We can handle everything well enough. We will. We both know what priorities mean now. 
2. Never believe we'll fall apart. Never ever think it's over. No 'burning bridges' or 'talakq, talaq, talakq'. 
3. Give each other space. If need to take time off take it. Refer to point 2. 
4. Always revert/ reply/ pick calls and call by name and say if busy. 
5. Never be superstitious. If were meant to see some bad times together we will. We'll wait it out till karma has nothing but happiness left to throw at us. 
6. Never ever lie. Never ever keep anything from each other. Even if it hurts
7. Don't rely on friends. Keep own judgement alive. We both know each other best. 
8. Acknowledge the small acts or kindness , don't forget the sorry, please and thank you's. 
9. Never sleep angry. Sort out everything before you sleep. 
10. Be who you are and let be who I am. We are strong individual personalities. And we're most fun when we are being us. 
11. Never over expect. If expect - communicate in advance. 
12. Keep the past in the past. Our lives has nothing to do with it anymore. 

The key, is to find someone to fit the discription and whos given thought tothese things as well already..