Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Idea book: If you find/have found it, please return it

Essentially started this blog cause I lost my hard work of 2 years that I had complied in a leather bound black book with plain white pages. Most of the book was written in black or blue ink with a fountain pen. 
It had multiple beer labels I had pulled off different beer bottles and even a 1 rupee, 5 rupee, 10 rupee, note spread across pages. 
Also a few photographs and half cut post cards along with a few religious calendars, brought from religious places across india where I haven't personally been but have kind enough friends and mentors to have got them for me. Worse is I miss my random thoughts in bubbles and making the elaborate key on the first page of the book that acted as index on how to read the book. After all I followed it for 2 long years to keep unity in content / ideas / thoughts / random writing I did. I am also simultaneously cursing who ever might be reading my personal comments across the book on everything form people, places, ads, movies, crushes, food, ex's and what not!! Bloody hell. I defiantly didn't loose it and i'm convinced it was stolen. If the thief has either copied the content or read through by now to their satisfaction I advise you quietly put it back where ever you managed to pick it from. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Product Idea 1: Lava Lamps - Bring them back!

Younger TG uses mosquito repellents as a need based item. Not a voluntarily buy.
Usually hidden in a corner of the room.
Uses up an entire plug point in any given room.
Cannot be left on longer as the smell isn't so great - to most - bearable.

Solution:  Air freshener + Mosquito repellent machine =  As a show Piece that does more!

How: If a company decided to take out a limited edition series of Lava Lamps in which the enhanced smell based mosquito repellent can be placed in the base of.

Hypothetical reconstruction in parts (top to bottom): 

- Lava lamp top
- Lava lamp fluid area
- Lava lamp bottom
- Lava lamp bulb
- Lava lamp switch / knob + are for cord for powering the lamp and mosquito repellent.
- Lava lamp base - with insert-able / replaceable pod.

Secondary uses as part of promotion/ communication:

- Can be used as a night lamp - helps put one to sleep.
- Is soothing both to look at and cause of the pleasant smell.
- Safer for kids - they wont ever forget to switch it on again!
- Teenager friendly - isn't tacky and doesn't smell medicinal, help keep room odor out.
- For all age groups really - Can be used as a show piece or furniture / normal  lamp for home decoration.

Suggested sizes: 

1. Workstation or for side table - 1/2 feet tall
2. Home decoration for side tables - 2 feet tall
3. Room corners - 4 feet tall

Possible sellers / brand connects:

- Mosquito repellent companies
- Light companies
- Electronic / home appliance companies 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Nothing conventional | Conventional Nothing: Part 1

So far i have always 'tsk-tsk-ed' at the people who wrote about trivial things but only now i realize how important triviality is to sustain ones mental health! You can be selective about your thoughts and then the greater matter - you cant be selective about your fate or destiny.
So I may like to think, then talk and further discuss about a certain stream of thought but I have to will myself to it. Is it what the rest 70% of my thoughts are also made of? - No.

Though it isn't difficult, I cannot channelize or ignore the other - usually simultaneous - thoughts in my head! And well, the best music, noise, lyrics or for that matter art or mathematical breakthroughs have always been created or happen a midst clutter and chaos! Which makes it all the more important to try and NOT ignore triviality. But what my subconscious does rule or is rather governed by are things that either fascinate or repulse me. But that's quite a broad spectrum of thought and thinking, isn't it?

New things are starting to make a difference to me in life. I can see now that things that previously bothered me don't any more. We keep trying to justify to ourselves and the world how things don't bother us or change us but over time we do change, little by little, gradually.

'The only things constant is change' - Fran├žois de La Rochefoucauld

And its one truth that cannot be changed with denial.