Monday, November 25, 2013

Product Idea 1: Lava Lamps - Bring them back!

Younger TG uses mosquito repellents as a need based item. Not a voluntarily buy.
Usually hidden in a corner of the room.
Uses up an entire plug point in any given room.
Cannot be left on longer as the smell isn't so great - to most - bearable.

Solution:  Air freshener + Mosquito repellent machine =  As a show Piece that does more!

How: If a company decided to take out a limited edition series of Lava Lamps in which the enhanced smell based mosquito repellent can be placed in the base of.

Hypothetical reconstruction in parts (top to bottom): 

- Lava lamp top
- Lava lamp fluid area
- Lava lamp bottom
- Lava lamp bulb
- Lava lamp switch / knob + are for cord for powering the lamp and mosquito repellent.
- Lava lamp base - with insert-able / replaceable pod.

Secondary uses as part of promotion/ communication:

- Can be used as a night lamp - helps put one to sleep.
- Is soothing both to look at and cause of the pleasant smell.
- Safer for kids - they wont ever forget to switch it on again!
- Teenager friendly - isn't tacky and doesn't smell medicinal, help keep room odor out.
- For all age groups really - Can be used as a show piece or furniture / normal  lamp for home decoration.

Suggested sizes: 

1. Workstation or for side table - 1/2 feet tall
2. Home decoration for side tables - 2 feet tall
3. Room corners - 4 feet tall

Possible sellers / brand connects:

- Mosquito repellent companies
- Light companies
- Electronic / home appliance companies 

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