Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Idea book: If you find/have found it, please return it

Essentially started this blog cause I lost my hard work of 2 years that I had complied in a leather bound black book with plain white pages. Most of the book was written in black or blue ink with a fountain pen. 
It had multiple beer labels I had pulled off different beer bottles and even a 1 rupee, 5 rupee, 10 rupee, note spread across pages. 
Also a few photographs and half cut post cards along with a few religious calendars, brought from religious places across india where I haven't personally been but have kind enough friends and mentors to have got them for me. Worse is I miss my random thoughts in bubbles and making the elaborate key on the first page of the book that acted as index on how to read the book. After all I followed it for 2 long years to keep unity in content / ideas / thoughts / random writing I did. I am also simultaneously cursing who ever might be reading my personal comments across the book on everything form people, places, ads, movies, crushes, food, ex's and what not!! Bloody hell. I defiantly didn't loose it and i'm convinced it was stolen. If the thief has either copied the content or read through by now to their satisfaction I advise you quietly put it back where ever you managed to pick it from. 

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