Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life: Two roads down the highway.

As we grow older one of two things happen .

Our emotions grow complex and we begin to manifest our philosophies practically.
Becoming more and more conscious of ourselves, our surroundings and the repercussions of our choices both good and bad.
Our judgment is more concise and then our decisions aren't governed by impulse rather but mature decisions we try to disguise and pass of as coincidences or impulses.
We very well are aware of our personal character and traits.
Of our strengths and assets and how to best use them to manipulate others or to our best advantage.
Which further becomes a function of the personal value set we chose to follow and morals and principals we allow to govern various if not all aspects of our lives.


We are beaten up by society,  broken to trivial instances that become our governing traits.
Openly sacrificed by society and set norms and standards, especially without consent.
We remain shallow, ignorant and never reach the state of self actualization in terms of personal growth and awarenesses.
We lack though in regards to what makes us happy or what angers us.
This makes us further arrogant and what part of our brain and heart might primarily be governed by pride under other circumstances, come to be dominated by your ego.
Our love is fueled by anger and consideration ruled by unbalanced biases.
Our self doubt and lack of faith in personal decisions turns our personal weaknesses into non existent strengths and our strengths into wrongly projected, over dramatized, muddy moral code of conduct.

But the end result of both chosen or entrusted diversions in life is that people are who people are.
They remain of what remains of them.
We are happy as we are.
We accept ourselves.
Aware or unaware.
Alone or never.
Proud or ashamed.
We exist.

How strange is this life.
Where even this imbalanced ratio still manages to co-exist in unknown harmony.

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