Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Product Idea 2: What next for Allen Solly? (Fashion Apparele-Commercebrands)

 Well boys, admit it. 
You all need help with shopping. 
Especially picking out things by occasion.
Sure you can't always have fashion stylists available (or can't afford one) but what you can is use your phone!

If Allen Solly were to take their current campaign one step further they could probably head in this direction! 

Once you you've picked your preferred custom colours from the vast colour pallet they should then Suggest clothes by occasion, time of day, weather etc they you intent to buy those clothes for. 

Well, come to think of it, any ecomm in their right mind should make this tool. After all men need it! Who says us woman are most likely to pick out clothes online and be impulsive purchasers? Intent can be initiated in anyone really. 

Plus if such a thing existed imagine it's social reach and the return traffic for repurchase it could drive?

This with the exact plan for very creative and very low marketing spends which also I've deviced should kick it off  for any existing online player really. 

Ps: This is a hypothetical case study. This idea is my own. It has nothing to do with Allen Solly. If anyone was to use this idea they are most welcome to try. I'm open to accepting a creative consultation charge of INR 30k plus taxes so pass it. 

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