Friday, November 21, 2014

English: Poem attempt 2

You'll find paradise
Your one amongst many
You'll look for love
But you won't find any.
What's lost is lost
You can't build that dream again.
They've been trying to cut the cord
To where it all began.
They'll pretend not to see it
The wishes in your eyes
The longing of something old
Their longing for that morbid surprise.
To be jumped at from the corner
To see someone else walk past by
They will express their hate to you
Promising that only limit is the sky.
But you relive all those moments
Amongst their illusions of living in the present
You know they've been here before
And they know you're new to them
These memories from the closet
They express solely as yours
Are in fact stories,
That bleed them by the hours.
Over time as it passes
The feeling is not so strong
You think that you've won
They think its all gone
Until that moment comes when
You hit the peak of their desire
And within it you feel the presence
Of someone else fueling their fire.

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