Monday, July 6, 2015

Evolving Ideas - When you 'really want to sell' your old gadgets..

If I found a tech team on the ready and 6 months worth funding, i would defiantly build out a "web' product of the below idea!

Why web? When the world is going mobile? Well, the younger generation is, they are smarter, they take risks, but even they believe that when things have to be done seriously, one needs to pull out a laptop or a desktop to get to work. And of course, the 25+ are usually at work and have more access to web via their work stations than through their mobiles..

TG for the product; 
MF - 25 +
All metro cities first.
Web friendly.

This idea is expansion and combination of the existing 4 modules of; 
1. Price discovery for old gadgets such as those available on,, attero bay.
2. E-commerce efforts and deals for gadget refresh cycles, i.e.: apple,,
3. Editorial reviews and crown sourced reviews carting to audience like 'rotten tomatoes' is to movies.
4. Price aggregation sites such as

Envisioning the UI;  
To cater to both young and old the entire UI will have to be very visual, making or keeping all options as visual heavy and text light as not to over whelm the user.

Future possibilities; 
1. To function as an independent website and tool, review site and editorial platform that ''does not lie'.
2. Pluggable tool for eCommerce websites, bank services, wallets.
3. Scorecard plugin for editorial websites, wallets, e-commerce websites.
4. Insights tool for electronic giants for betterment of their products.

Disclaimer: If Amazon, Google, Times or the likes chose to explore it further, I'd simply ask to be part of the project. 

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