Sunday, July 5, 2015

Idea for Google as a content publisher, agitator, advertise and analyser

For a while now i have kept this blog hidden as there are some ideas that i feel have a lot of scope for future development.

Who is this for?;
- Facebook is creating a eco system where without fresh content users cannot get great value out of their accounts. Worse they ask users to now pay for advisability as a small business or brand.
- While users may have the capacity to pay, they might not always have the capacity to create original content.  
- While Google hasn't succeeded in launching G+ i feel it forgets that Google search is a much more valuable digital ecosystem that it has created. Where the user is always logged in and not sharing but searching for the correct content. hmm..i wonder what the obsession with a 'social media' account really is? 
- Ok maybe i have this point wrong. But everyone wants to serve content similar to serving correct ads to their various audience sets. Only difference being, while message can be customized and pre fed, content needs to be refreshed and often. (even daily)

Below is a skeleton to a content aggregating tool that Google can quickly make given it already has independent parts that exist today; 

How tool will work?;
- User feeds in their website URL
- As output gets the keywords based on site scan / crawl
- Basis crawl out put keywords gets TG definition for media (audience break up)
- Asks to input negative keywords that the brand doesn't want to be associated with.
- Asks for validation by liking to Google analytic for audience profiling and tracking for revalidation/re-targeting.
- Asks to input genre’s preferred by user.
- Throws latest content from around the web relevant to different TG’s for social media posting as per defined genres.

- Each link thrown up as result has a cost of 10 – 50 rupees per identifies link.
- Advantage is that the user can be a layman and still sever content that his/her audience would like to engage with on social media accounts.
- Second advantage being shortened link doesn't expire as it has been paid for.
- Fixed retainer account version lets the user also sees GDN ads in this content which can be the users brand / company ads. 
- These ads are easily customizable with branding specs which can be uploaded from back end using another Google ad words tool/ ad sense tools etc.
- Anyone viewing this link through a certain social media account / medium it’s posted through will see the brand ads.
- PV from the article go to the actual website article basis which they are allowed to get access to a special dashboard that lets the publisher see which brands are using what content and better equip its sales force for inventory selling. 

TBD basis interest... I wish I have the money to make this…or the tech capabilities.. While all I have is an idea. 

Disclaimer: If Google chose to explore it further, I'd simply ask to be part of the project. 

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