Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Indian Diwali ideas and emotional pegs

Everyone is going to struggle with last minuted ideation for Diwali at work :) Here's some much need help!

Diwali is that time of the year that signifies some of the below key moments (Indian and Abroad) –
1.       Coming together
2.       De-clutter
3.       Lighting up
4.       Gifting
5.       Sweet Diwali
6.       First Diwali away
7.       First Diwali alone
8.       First Diwali together
9.      Green Diwali
10.    Going home for Diwali
11.    Remembering childhood wali Diwali 

Interpretation for the usage of the same –
1.       Diwali is the time of the year when in most Indian homes, the processes of house cleaning begins. As much as it is tedious, it consists of the entire family coming together to clean the house and symbolically sweep negative energy from the house as a family.
2.       This processes is then followed by the lighting of Diya’s to show the way for Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh to make way into their homes signifying wealth and property. Indian temperament is such that it needs fear based conditioning to get people to de-clutter their homes. i.e.: Laxmi and Ganesha don’t entertain dirty houses, nor do they grace them.
3.       In the same way, Diwali is also a big gifting occasion for Indians, which signifies the arrival of Laxmi and Ganesha to homes.
4.       Diwali is also signifiers of new beginnings and new initiatives. Often celebrated as ‘First Diwali’ post marriage, post having a kid, post young independence (first Diwali alone).
5.       Diwali is also the time of the year when most brand and association with talk about reducing pollution. i.e.:
a.       Air pollution – don’t burst crackers
b.      Noise pollution – don’t burn crackers
c.       Land pollution – garbage and residue post-Diwali crackers
d.      Green initiates – plant a tree this Diwali / clean Diwali for health of kids (lung diseases are most prevalent) (kind of thing medical brands would pick up)
e.      Pet related – due to noise, air during and cracker - garbage post - Diwali
6.       Indians are also known to save slowly throughout the year and buy / invest in new meaningful gifts and things (spend during the Diwali sale period) such as gold, electronics, cars, new furniture etc.  Also famous for association with auspicious new beginnings -  ‘Shubh Aarambh’ and ‘Shubh Labh’ moments. (the kind of thing Cadbury uses)
7.       Similarly Indians abroad also heavily saving up to go home that one time of the year with gifts for loved ones. (kind of thing airline bands would use)
8.       Diwali for adults and grandparents is also associated to remembering the good old days, when they were young and they pulled pranks and celebrated Diwali with their childhood friends.\
a.       Which can be spun off in the direction of revisiting old friends for your aged parents / grandparents to meet with on Diwali. (the kind of thing Google might use) 
b.      Can also be around new beginnings with old friends / Re connecting with old relatives and family members.

Idea pegs for Diwali –

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