Monday, May 7, 2018

Making ends meet - Natural Progression of Technology and Ideas

There are some great tech products on the market today. Products that offer very focused content based solutions for people in different life stage. 

But, there seems to be a stagnation in the natural progression on these platforms... 

I wonder why that is, maybe there is a lack of 'need analysis' or too narrow a view of looking at the tech and start-up ecosystem since new startups seem to be popping up filling need gaps in place of these existing companies diversifying their brand offerings?

Let me state a few observations based ideas on the existing Indian ecosystem at least; 
  1. PopXO should think about offering a pregnancy and parenting councillor on chat/call for women. Work that audience base! Be its best friend.
  2. PopXO should also think about offering peer counsellor for women and girls on chat/call. Tap into its 85% audience base that is outside its top 10 metro cities and needs this kind of support that currently brands are becoming custodians of giving. 
  3. Hyperlocal players like Grofers / Big Basket should push the agenda like Zomato/BigF/ Food Talk India are doing in the food space for 'in hotel dining' to increase 'in-store footfalls' in retail brand store in key cities. As marketing competition is already high there and the option of malls is available. 
  4. Same way, eCommerce sites like Amazon / Flipkart can also offer in-store shopping opportunities with local mom and pop stores / big bazaars, west side gourmet etc. Feel this will / can work out well with measuring sales/footfalls in offline stores during campaign duration or as always-on components for consumers to avails better discounts in store (in turn helping build stronger brand preference). Also helping e-commerce companies capture a larger number of people from offline to take them online. This will work majorly for electronic brands and CPG / FMCG brands? 
  5. Myntra / Jabong / Nykka should integrate with Eleve/Plixxo for user-generated photos/videos of wearing their products in exchange for redeemable points. (For UGC Submission.) Help create mini infomercials to help retailers turn their Insta / FB / Snapchat stories into sales leads. 
  6. Practo / 1MG / Parentune - option diversify their product offering as a solution to new parents / young or old couples. They can do this by starting gifting options on e-commerce sites which can be gifted. These gifts can be in form of a set number of doctor consultation on chat/video call / phone call. 
Isn't this the role of a good product marketing manager? Whats the use of only upgrading current features when the overall intent and purpose of trying to be category leader is defeated in the broader sense? 

If you find these interesting, comment below and let me know your views and takes on the same!

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