Thursday, May 24, 2018

The next big steps for AI personal assistants

We’ve all seen the recent Google assistant video that makes a call to a restaurant/hairdresser for reservations on behalf of a user right? That’s really how AI is shaping the future now, isn’t it?

But I believe only Google is the winner at the end of the day, or the ones really working on enhancing the AI-based personal assistant in that space.

Because really; what happens the day Google services start restricting third-party integration with their apps and platforms to make other AI personal assistants as capable?

Like Google maps, business listings, weather, jobs, flight, hotel bookings etc?

The true winners that day will be an app like Zomato, Just Dial, Practo, Ixigo etc, that have data or data pulling capabilities of their own and are able to fulfil AI based user requests by letting them access their data rather than heavily relying on Google products!

Two examples of a smart query that can work this way are:

E.g.: Like Zomato + Alexa / Siri / Cortana is stronger than Google for food and restaurant search (in India at least!)

Which basically uses the data from Zomato + data mining and human interactions capabilities of Siri / Alexa / Cortana

E.g.: Just dial + Alexa / Siri / Cortana are stronger than Google for business listing in India (or can be)

They should ideally do this before these players develop their own AI bots (which will be a bad move and a waste of time in many cases, unless you’re JustDial and offer almost everything)

If you look at it, this is why AI right now is not progressing beyond a point.

Because we aren’t we making apps that integrate with apps on smart devices with Siri or Alexa or Cortana and enhance their knowledge when someone is on devices and browsing through content.

In short: “We’re all only contributing to making Google stronger!”

On the other hand, why isn’t Google working on second-degree search queries?

E.g.: Tourist places around Delhi that have weather below 30 degrees right now

Query: Tourists places + kms range + weather

Places around my house that serve risotto and delivery food below the value of 250/- under 45 minutes?

Query: Location service + radius + dish + Order value for free delivery

This is also probably the point when Amazon, Yahoo and Microsoft should up their game with their own search engine listings / digital properties for similar products such as weather, maps, listings etc and enable Siri / Alexa / Cortana to integrate with them as well in place of Google products!

I guess this is probably why Apple launched its one maps a while back? Or why Amazon continues to buy smaller technology products across the world. But they haven’t really done too much with it in places like India at least where Siri or an Alexa are still dependent on Google to throw up search results. That’s technically Siri / Alexa doing the bidding for Google assistant now, isn’t it!

Hence making consumers more likely or adaptable to Google assistant in the future? What say?

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