Tuesday, September 5, 2017

THNIX - The Smart Period Underwear you need to buy right NOW!

Ladies! If you haven't stumbled upon or visited the below page yet, you're evolving backwards!

Link: https://www.shethinx.com

What really is innovation and technology? This is one of my favourite questions to ask people.

Many readers usually believe that innovation is directly co-related to smartphones, apps and gadgets. When in fact, it is everything that humans have found a way to evolve inorganically for the benefit of mankind.

This can be in term so of design, texture, material, ideas, ways of doing things, ways of communication or simply just anything that enhances or makes human life better.

Before I introduce you to Thinx, I'll like to give you a deeper perspective into what tech and innovation 'also' mean, regarding things and items you may be able to decipher from your day to day life.

E.g.: Switch cigarettes - after years of struggling and simplifying the thin cylinder of finely cut tobacco rolled in paper for smoking, and decades of consuming it the same way, we now have a choice!
Either you smoke a mild, or you smoke a mint. You don't have to purchase two different packets. You don't have to go looking for the mint ones separately, but instead, you now have the power to switch the flavor at the press of a button.

That my friends are innovation. If he smokes regular's and she smokes mints, they finally have a middle ground by picking up a new packet where they only have to buy the 'one' pack.
It’s easier on the pocket, it is easier to share, it's taking smoking social in a way even. (finally giving a chance changing consumption habit for smokers) And that truly is innovation.

Now coming to Thinx - like condoms have evolved for the better over a period of time, so have menstrual hygiene products.

Five common things everyone struggles with when it comes to menstrual hygiene products are:
1. Comfort
2. Capacity
3. Compactness
4. Sanitation
5. Recyclability

While a whole range of products exists out there today, from pads to tampons, to silicon cups, there isn't anything out there yet that really defines 'comfort' like Thinx does!

Now, a lot of brands DO in fact say that they are comfortable, but that’s usually the case when they are defining themselves in the eco-system of the already existing menstrual hygiene products. But can something really compare to being as comfortable as your soft cotton panties? Not really.  

Thinx has gone ahead and broken the barriers with just that. Imagine if someone told you that soft cushy panties were ‘it’ for your periods? Half your PMS is bound to stop right there, isn’t it? The whole hassle of checking your behind or the paranoia of having to change in an every few hours is quite exhausting itself!

Now imagine someone told you that like your panties you can put your period panties into the washing machine for wash (minus any detergent) every month, again and again. Yes, Thinx does exactly that as well!!

Not only do they come in different cuts and capacities, they are ultra-comfortable and promote bacteria free environment for your vagina during your red days.

Being in India, I was thoroughly sceptical but decided to go ahead and purchase them. They came perfectly packed (very nice women positive packaging) in my chosen colour – black. (though they are also available in beige).  And in a single line, I can say – they changed my life. Periods aren’t going to be the same for me ever again.

I got three panties so that I can wear one while I have a backup and one may be in wash, and it worked out perfectly. I didn’t have to care about how I sat, where I was or what I was doing. The best part is – I forgot I was on my period!

Later, I put them into my intimate ware washing machine on spin and voila, two new panties at for the next day. They do take a bit time to dry up but I did the smarter thing by ordering three.

Another thing I like about them is that they come in different capacities, the shorts can hold up an entire day of heavy bleeding (two tampons worth) while the thong is for the lighter days ( the equivalent of 1 tampon). And trust me; no drips, no fuss, no smell, no feeling of wetness.

What else can I ask for? My advice to all women who enjoy social liberation to adopt these panties. After all, they promote the epitome of women liberation.

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