Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Driving sales using expiring social media content

As social media consumption continues to rise and the big players are monopolizing the market, we can expect significant changes in social starting this year and beyond. Specifically in the changing landscape of expiring content. 

How can brands leverage the mediums

Online POP-UP shops for instant discounts and sales
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Snapchat
  4. Instagram
  5. WhatsApp


  1. Free stock on products that be put on sale using brand channels.
  2. i.e.: last season collection / res-stocked products.
  3. Active of platforms where expiring content is visible
  4. Access to these assets
  5. Pre buzz about upcoming sale
  6. Key engagement date / commutative day based offers is a plus
  7. On going brand campaign is also another plus
  8. Owned or co-owned e-commerce portal
  • Expiring sales code generation method
  • time bound code generation for mass usage that have expiry time on certain day/date

Brand and Consumer motivation?

1.Exclusive over and above purchase from loyal followers.
2.Way to measure the worth of spending on gaining followers by the brand.
3.Gauge ability to set up pop-up sale more easily using owned e-commerce portals

1.Additional discount for followers/customer over and above the e-commerce sale.
2.Less effort cost, yet more incentives for being a follower.
3.Increased reason to believe in the brand or engaging with it in the future. 

What brands will earn in return:

1.Earned social media engagement
2.Sales drive
3.Followership across platforms
4.Unique database
5.Increase product discoverability
6.Boost mobile based sales

Ideal Channels: 

1.Brand owned channels – owned e-commerce portals
2.Co-Branded channels – e-commerce partnership stores
3.Co-Branded channels – wallets and payment gateways

*more thoughts to continue*

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