Sunday, September 28, 2014

A thing or two about acceptance and acknowledgement

We're not perfect.
And we aren't supposed to be.
We're all entitled to feel happy just like we deserve to sometimes feel bad.
Yea, i said 'deserve' and not entitled.
After all we're responsible for our own right to happiness. And that sometimes doesn't mean being logical, or practical, but just momentary and doing things or being with people who make us happy.
Or 'not being with' or 'not putting up with' certain things, people and situations.

Which can mean often overlooking general humanity and wellbeing and thinking about our own selves. (After all, I'm not Bono anyhow)
Yea being greedy about it.

Tut-tut as much as you like but it sort of takes special powered to acknowledge your own greed and even accept it.

Gosh, I've been an unreasonable person over the years... Often blind sighted by things like 'love' or 'jealousy' or 'hate'.

I've had my phase of non understanding repercussions of my actions and gone behind people's backs and gossiped!
I've tattled!
I've been inconsiderate to others feelings even.
Kept my wants above others.
Considered my suffering, pain and justifications above others.
Thrown whims even!
(Hahahahahahaa.. Ooohhh f**k... )

And as much as I'd like to justify or explain those situations, I'm going to leave that at that. Just like that.

But that's where i drawn my empathy and ability to give people the margin for human errors... (drawing from outcomes I've suffered)

There. I've acknowledged a flaw, dealt with it and accepted myself back.

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