Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The 'You're an Idiot' theory

The dictionary meaning of the word 'idiot' goes something like this;





noun: idiot; plural noun: idiots

Meaning 'a stupid person'.

synonyms:foolasshalfwitnincompoop,blockheadduncedoltignoramus,cretinimbeciledullardmoron,simpletonclod; More



a person of low intelligence.

But in modern day this word means so much more. We use it to connote not just the obvious but also the opposite.

For example:

Ask a girl you're seeing if she loves you and if she laughs, nods her head and says 'You're an Idiot', you're the luckiest guy on the planet.

But if you're in a argument with someone and you firmly put your point of view forward and after justifying it profuriously, you ask that person what they think and they reply with 'You're an Idiot', they're either stunned and are left speechless.


Its time to get dead serious, you've probably missed the very point in the entire scheme of things. I.e.: you're prospective is not wide enough. You're rash and ignorant.

But at the same time, an idiot can refer to a person who's picked up on something, an insight or an development only visible to you and you explain to to someone and they respond with 'You're an Idiot', you're probably doing or have done something right.

And to the audience of such conversation, you're probably crazy enough pull off the said things or to prove the said theory. And in that case its a taunt. A cautious taunt. But mostly it's positive and said as an encouragement in this case.

When U2 stated in their song 'Every girl must go out with an idiot' it probably meant one of two things;

1. To know whats better, one needs to know what's worse first. You have to have dated a ignorant moron first, to know what truly being cherished and paid attention to feels like.


2. Life is made to take risks, fall in love foolishly with someone who's willing to do crazy and melodramatic things for you and for the sake of the relationship, someone who can go out of their way to make you smile. Every girl needs to feel what that feels like.

Go make the wrong choices, do what doesn't feel half right, maybe it's going to be a crazy journey you'll miss if you don't take that risk now.

But 'You're an Idiot'  to me feels more like when someone points it out or imposes it on another being. In the state of ones own aloofness.

So my second favorite dialogue which pretty much means the same but in more of a self initiated spirit sort of way is 'Be stupid.'





lacking intelligence or common sense.

"I was stupid enough to think she was perfect"

synonyms:unintelligentignorantdense,brainlessmindlessfoolishdull-witteddullslow-wittedwitless,slow, dunce-like, simple-minded,empty-headedvacuousvapidhalf-wittedidioticmoronic, imbecilic,imbecileobtusedoltish; More




a stupid person (often used as a term of address).

"you're not a coward, stupid!"

As shallow and as idiotic the words or sentence may sound. It means go ahead and be who you are. Its actually quite deep.

You have one life after all. If our destinies are pre-written, then irrespective of doing or thinking about good or bad we'll arrive where we need to, get what we have to, feel what we have to anyhow.

In which case we might as well have or should have half the decency to truly live like we want to, unafraid of circumstances, situations, social norms, stigmas or bothering about what 'other people may think'.

After all, to know what's greatness, we must experience what trivial or being trivial really feels like.

Friends, family, lovers will understand and only be left to say 'You're an idiot'. But the crucial point and words being 'don't bother about what others may think'.

They're idiots! ;)

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