Sunday, September 21, 2014

Valuable lessons from a loved one, for a loved one.

Never disregard a woman's instinct.

But at the same time, despite predicting what to expect.
Don't try to hurry up fate.
You can't hurry up the processes of turning a caterpillar into a butterfly after all.
One has to live through the excruciating pain to become a beautiful soul.

All things take time.
Especially the good things.
Healing takes time.
Some wounds take longer than the other to heal.

Wounds eventually heal and we're only left with those beautiful memories.
And once they do,
Each one of us has their moment of clarity.
We know what to do.

There's a time to forgive.
And there is a time to forget.

It's import to forgive others.
One can't just grieve and keep justifying ourselves and our actions by speaking ill of someone, by remembering and re running what went wrong in our heads.
We need to focus, look at the rout cause, identity the problem, the gap.

If we miss something about someone,
Or can't, despite best efforts forget cherished memories,
We need to go back and rewrite those pages and correct them.

If you're meant to be with someone,
Nothing can change that.
If you aren't , you just aren't.

Our generation has mostly forgotten common courtesy.
Thank you, please and sorry are almost extinct.
We say them superficially yes, but not really from our hearts.

We can say we've stopped using our hearts somewhere altogether.
We let ego and anger overtake ourselves sometimes but we need to snap out of it.
Its an illusion that sometimes gets the best of us and then the moment is gone.

Because as simple as it seems,
You'll never get over some people.
Some memories,
Some feelings.
They'll continue to coexist with your present situation if they aren't addressed correctly.
We need to stir clear of letting them turn into negativity.
Because we can't escape it.
We can't escape them.

But sometimes you have to just let things fall into their own place.
Start from scratch and be patient with change.
Sometimes we need to grow and evolve and find out a bit more about our own selves and our own heart before the right moment shows itself.

It takes courage after that.
To once again bear our own souls to another being.
To stop playing mind games and really risk everything in that moment.
After all, luck too is a event when preparation meets opportunity.

We just have to prepare ourselves to be open to certainties.
To fate.
To patience.
To the truth.

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